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Mediterranean Cuisine in Key Biscayne

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Common Elements in Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is not the product of a single country, but rather an amalgamation of dishes from all over the Mediterranean basin, from Eastern Greece to the South of Libya.

Most of these countries were traditionally agricultural and fishing societies, which led to an overarching similarity in their use of fresh vegetables and fish, and very little in way of red meat.

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Authentic Mediterranean Cusine, Mediterranean cuisine restaurant Coral Gables

The United Nations of Food

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Distinctions in Mediterranean Cuisine

Although unified in more ways than one, there are several key differences between the dishes that make up Mediterranean cuisine. It’s fun to become familiar with the distinctions, so you can get a broad idea of where each bite comes from.

For instance, Spanish cuisine relies heavily on tomatoes, garlic, capers, and pine nuts, and features more pork dishes than Greece and Egypt. Wine also plays a bigger role in Spanish, Italian and French cuisine than it does other nearby regions.

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How to tell where your dinner comes from

Authentic Mediterranean Cusine, Mediterranean cuisine restaurant Key Biscayne

A little taste of history!

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