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Seafood Restaurant in Key Biscayne

Seafood makes up an integral part of our dishes at KeBo Restaurant! Enjoy your choice of famous Mediterranean delicacies when you book with us today!

Magical Mediterranean Seafood

Seafood plays a huge role in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine since fish and mollusks were traditionally the most common sources of protein for the Mediterranean population.

Don’t expect deep-fried and battered cod and plaice. The seafood on offer at KeBo Restaurant is typically fried, steamed or boiled and seasoned with herbs and olive oil.

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Seafood Restaurant Coral Gables

Healthily prepared seafood

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Seafood Paella

A mainstay of Spanish cuisine, Seafood paella is one of KeBo Restaurant’s most requested dishes!

A perfect mix of rice, seasonal vegetables, spices and vast quantities of shellfish and mollusks, this amazing concoction tastes as divine as it looks stunning.

Try it out for yourself the next time you visit us! Our other seafood dishes include clams, oysters, tilapia, squid, seabass and other delectable finny treats.

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Seafood Restaurant Key Biscayne

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